FreePBX for Proxmox / OpenVZ

Download it here: to your /var/lib/vz/dump/ folder


1. Move the downloaded file ( vzdump-openvz-765-2010_05_18-14_56_01.tar ) to /var/lib/vz/dump
2.    /usr/sbin/vzrestore vzdump-openvz-765-2010_05_18-14_56_01.tar 765
3.    /usr/sbin/vzctl set 765 –ipadd <the ip address of your new FreePBX> –save
3. 1/2  – edit whatever you need in /etc/vz/conf/765.conf  (with caution!)
4.    /usr/sbin/vzctl start 765
5.    /usr/sbin/vzctl enter 765
6.    Once entered in the FreePBX virtual machine, use this command:
“     /bin/defaults     “
This will set the proper values (IP address) in your MySQL database and will also allow you to use your dnscache (by adding your IP address to /var/dnscache/root/ip ).

7.  Point your browser to http://<your-ip-address>/
8.  Default username is “admin” and password is “wedovoice”

If you have various customers in all parts of the country, just leave everything as it is. Its going to work.

touch /var/dnscache/root/ip/your-network
Where “your-network” is the network where your endpoints are.
Can be something like (a single IP) , or 172.16.42 or even 172.16

Edit /scripts/mkconfig-sipura.php and search for these two lines:

Primary_DNS                                             \”\” ;
Secondary_DNS                                           \”\” ;

Edit the first line and replace \”\”; with \””.trim($myip).”\””;  (just copy and paste).

Later note:
– mkconfig-grandstream.php already uses the our dns server, see line nr. 26 on the /scripts/mkconfig-grandstream.php file.


–  Uses Nginx and PHP-FPM instead of Apache and mod_php (so its lighter on resources
– Uses our custom  FreePBX provisioning system
– comes with ntpd installed (your endpoints will sync their time with it)
– comes with djb’s dnscache .
– comes with a sample trunk/route for 1800 (Toll Free numbers) – Yes , it will connect your calls for free.

Please DO come with comments and improvements, I will be more than happy to add them to the release.

PS: please excuse the low download speed, I’m bandwidth limited.

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